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L.K. Machinery International Limited
Source:https://www.lktechnology.com/ | Author:ddplas | Published time: 2020-08-05 | 1002 Views | Share:
Design, manufacture and sale of Die Casting Machines,
Plastic Injection Molding Machines &
CNC Machining Centers
  • 1979 LK founded by Mr. Liu Siong Song.
  • 1979 LK machine brand name was established.
  • 1980 The first LK hot chamber die-casting machine was launched.
  • 1989 The first LK plastic injection molding machine was launched.
  • 1991 LK built its first manufacturing plant in China.
  • 1993 LK donated a die-casting machine to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to support local education.
  • 1994 Opening Ceremony of LK plastic injection molding machine manufacturing plant in Zhongshan, China.
  • 1994 LK was awarded the "Machinery and Equipment Design Certificate of Merit".
  • 2001 LK Shenzhen was established as headquarters of LK Group in China. Ningbo LK Machinery Co. Ltd. was established in 2002 to further facilitate sales and services in eastern China.
  • 2006 LK successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 558) on 16 October 2006.
  • 2008 LK was awarded "HK TOP BRAND".
  • 2008 LK acquired one of the world's leading die-casting machine manufacturers, Idra.
  • 2012 LK CNC machine manufacturing plant in Taiwan commenced operations.
  • 2013 LK three color plastic injection molding machine won the "2013 Hong Kong Awards for Industries Machinery and Machine Tools Design Award".
  • 2016 Inauguration of the LK new production plants in Ningbo and Zhongshan, China.
  • 2017 Mr. Liu Zhuo Ming was appointed Chief Executive Officer of LK.